The value of geographical information

We are one of major Italian companies in the geographic information systems sector, with a turnover of 10 million Euros, 6 offices in Italy and 85 employees.

If you are a Public Administration, you certainly need to have a deep and broad knowledge of the territory that you manage; what proportion has been built on and any restrictions that should be taken into account before issuing new building permits, how many businesses and members of the public have made  applications for or been granted permission to construct, which energy classifications have been issued and the layout of the access roads. 

You also may need to be able to constantly analyze and monitor environmental resources to prevent depletion and deterioration of resources, safeguard health and ensure the safety of inhabitants, minimizing risk and issuing risk warnings in a timely manner.

If you are a multi-utilities company that distributes energy you need to be able to monitor the network structure in order to exert complete management control and be able to intervene rapidly when malfunctions or service interruptions occur.
Because this allows you to respond more quickly to their requests and also monitor the work done and the costs incurred.
We will help you to get the most from geographical information to optimize the management of building and land registry, energy and utility networks, the environment and road network.

Sinergis is a Dedagroup ICT Network Group company


What we do
Since 25 years we help Public Administrations of all sizes and multi-utilities companies to exploit GIS and spatial information to better plan better their future..
Who we work with

They started in 1969 with a small research team that provided geographical data to those who were working on territory design and planning. Today, the geographical data and the tools to make use of it have been uploaded onto the web, opening up access to maps to a greater number of people and making them a more easily available resource for everybody with just a simple click.



Since the first modern exploitation of energy sources i.e. steam to power locomotives or the sun’s rays that today heat the water we use in the shower, they have continued to invent systems to better manage this energy, minimizing waste and distributing it in a more efficient way while paying attention to the needs of the environment.



They were the first to maximize the potential of GPS, applying it also to cars. Today, thanks to satellite navigators that provide traffic data in real time, they help millions of people all over the world to efficiently plan their travel and find the fastest and safest route to arrive at their destination.


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All the data collected are processed by Dedagroup SpA (owner of data processing) only for goals related to an examination of candidacy. The data collected may be transmitted to all companies part of Dedagroup ICT Network for the same goal. By sending a CV to info@sinergis.it, the user declares that he has read the policy which is published on the website www.sinergis.it and gives his consent to process his personal data and sensitive information. By sending an email to info@sinergis.it the user can access, rectify and delete his data in application of all the regulation in force.


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